Patriots For The People is the benevolent hand of E-Marketing Concepts, Corp. We are dedicated to promoting the United States Constitution as the foundation of the American way of life.

We depend on you!

Your contributions are tax deductible, and put to good use. Depending on the campaign, up to 85% of your contributions go to the cause. We retain a small percentage for administrative activities. You will see how your donations are put to good use.

Many of our benefactors are volunteers, who believe in the cause.

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What We Do With Your Contributions

Education- We educate the public on events that shape our future.

Political- We pressure politicians to lead by the Constitution. We support politicians who do.

Events- We conduct auctions, raffles, give-aways, gun safety and awareness courses, Veterans & First Responder appreciation activities, etc., all with the goal of waking up the Patriot in us.