Patriot John Fischer Recovery Drive


On March 19, 2019, John Fischer suffered a massive Brain Stem Stroke that also affected 4 other parts of his brain (5 strokes in all). The doctors said that if he wasn’t a former Marine, he would not have survived. His parents, siblings, and 3 children have been at his bedside these first few weeks to provide emotional support.

John Fischer is a former Marine marksman and a true Patriot. A friend to many, John enjoys shooting, watching MMA, hanging out with his children, boating and scuba diving. John is a huge advocate of the United States Constitution and supporter of President Trump. He does not have a racists bone in his body, by the way. This is a good guy, that has had a bad run of luck. Right now he needs our support.


As we focus on his recovery, we are now concerned about his expenses. He is no longer able to work and won’t be for quite some time, and his Veterans (VA) benefits are not adequate to cover the necessary Physical Therapy and rehab.  Coupled with his monthly expenses, he needs help. Any contribution would be a blessing.

One company stepping up is is a purveyor of fine edged weapons. From Microtech Knives to Samurai swords, it is an interesting site to say the least. For the rest of the month of April, 2019, 10% of each sale will go to directly to John Fisher’s recovery.

Go here if you would like to donate to the John Fischer Road to Recovery without purchasing.

Above all, John’s family appreciates continued prayers and support. It is a miracle that he is alive, and clearly God is not done with him yet.